Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 2011

Wow...I'm really bad at finding time to blog.  I keep thinking of all of these things that I want to say, but finding the time to do it is proving to be very difficult.  Needless to say, I hope to get better at this whole blogging thing!  :)

Tate is now four months old and a lot has happened this month.  Tate was seen by the developmental pediatric clinic at MUSC as a follow-up for being a NICU baby.  The nurses took her measurements and then a resident and student came in to begin working with Tate.  Before they started, I asked for Tate's percentiles, and they told me she was in the 90th percentile for everything.  I knew that couldn't be right for my baby, so after questioning that, we realized they had plotted Tate's measurements at 2 months instead of 4 and that brought her to the 40th for length and 25th for weight.  :)  The resident then started examining Tate and her development.  They held out a red ring to see how her tracking was; they put her on her belly to see if she could lift her head and chest; they put her on her back to see what she would do; they stood her on the bed to see if she would put weight on her legs; they tested her stepping reflex by putting her legs near the edge of the bed to see if Tate would step up; and they pulled her up from a lying position to see if she could keep her head in alignment with her body.  She was able to do everything!  The doctor then came in and worked with Tate as well and they said she is great!  They will see her again in January for another follow-up appointment, but they assured me that she is developing perfectly.  I am extremely thankful and feel very blessed that Tate is developing so well...I think about our days in the NICU often and all that others have done for our family.  I keep telling Tate that she is destined to become a doctor! 

She had a good four month check up (Oct. 18th) with Dr. Davis - she is 13 pounds 4 ounces (50th percentile) and 24 1/2 inches long (50th percentile).  Her head circumference is also in the 50th percentile, so as Dr. Davis says - "She's perfect!"  He also said that he is pretty certain that she will keep her blue eyes, which I am happy about! The not-so-good news from the appointment is that she is battling her second double ear infection and that she has two fissures on her bottom that won't heal.  We go to the pediatric gastroenterologist on Wednesday, October 26th, so we will discuss the fissure problem with them.

Tate is rolling from back to front like a champ!  In fact, she's hardly ever on her back anymore.  She pretty much rolls onto her belly immediately when you put her down.  Tate has been sleeping on her belly for a few weeks now - and sometimes with her bottom in the air.  It's so peaceful and comforting to watch her sleep.  She generally goes to bed around 7 and will sleep until 5 or 5:30.  With the ear infections and teething going on, she will wake up in the middle of the night, usually around 2, but quickly puts herself back to sleep.  She does a great job putting herself to sleep at night....we put her down, turn on her lamb sound machine and the humidifier, and she is usually out in a few minutes.

Tate still loves bath time!  She is starting to kick and splash a little...but for the most part I think she loves how relaxing it is.  We give her a bath every night before her bottle to calm her down and get her ready to go to sleep.  She has had quite a bad case of cradle cap but thankfully friends have shared their secrets, and we think it is clearing up!

This month we took Tate to the beach for the first time.  The summer was hard to get her there because it was so hot and Tate was so small.  So on October 15, we took Tate to the Isle of Palms beach for her first outing.  We had a great time and got some great pictures of her.

We also took Tate to the pumpkin patch and met up with Teresa and Boris.  We had a nice time finding a perfect pumpkin for Tate and taking pictures of her.

We had our first professional photo shoot done with Tate on the College of Charleston's campus.  We haven't gotten the pictures back, but I will be sure to add them when we do!  The photographer is a teacher at Teresa's school, and we saw some of the pictures as she was taking them, and they looked really good.  I hope to do professional pictures every three months.

Tonight was a milestone night for us as Tate gave us her first little laugh as I was kissing her neck.  Sweetest sound in the world!  I can't wait for her to laugh more!!

We are anxiously counting down the days to our trip to New York for Thanksgiving and Tate's baptism.  We just ordered the invitations and hope to send them out in the next few days.  We can't wait for everyone to meet Tate! 

Love to all! 

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